From the transformations experience of the Vernagallo Style© was created the V-TOURISM division was created, which is specialized on the production of passengers transports for touristic activities.
Designing and building models for this specific use requires experience and uncommon production capacities.
Giovanni Vernagallo, designer and owner of the Vernagallo Style always studies, designs and manufactures open vehicles transforming any car model. The know-how acquired during his terty years experience has allowed the Vernagallo Style© to dedicate a special vehicles production for touristic transports.

Cars Production Models




The traditional model sees a tractor or a jeep, which is suitably designed so as to assume the classic look of a steam locomotive.
This model provides two to three wagons depending on customer requirements.

The Vernagallo Style© according to the customer’s requirements, designs and builds each specific train model, both in size and passengers capacity according to the characteristics of the location type.

The modern model sees a tractor or a jeep on which it is installed a cabin suitably stylized with a modern design.
This model provides two to three wagons depending on customer requirements.

The model has optional (OPT) instalments that characterize the jeep.
With proper paint so you get colour uniformity with the next wagons.
This model also provides two to three wagons depending on customer requirements.

Specifiche tecniche e ambientali

Nel rispetto delle problematiche ambientali la Vernagallo Stile propone trenini turistici, composti da carrozze speciali, di piccole o medie dimensioni trainate da motrici che potranno essere anche a trazione elettrica o benzina/G.P.L. Ecologico. Sono disponibili inoltre motrici a disel o benzina.

In respect of environmental issues, the Vernagallo Style offers touristic trains, made by special wagons, small or medium size, that can be electric or gas/ G.P.L. Ecological driven. There are also diesel or gasoline models.

These trains are the ideal solution for guided tours within natural parks and oasis, cultural tours in the historic city centres and places of tourist attraction.

Eco-friendly means of transport that will appeal to all public and private entities, Hotel, Resort, Villas, resorts, amusement parks, theme parks, and in general all those who have
the need to provide a service that combines efficiency, reliability, safety and respect for the environment.

Su richiesta è possibile disporre supporti sulle fiancate delle carrozze per l’applicazioni di pannelli pubblicitari. Inoltre un impianto audio alle carrozze con centralina multilingue comandata dall’autista, in funzione della nazionalità dei passeggeri, completa gli optional a disposizione.

L’omologazione e i collaudi vengono eseguiti presso il Ministero dei Trasporti.

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