The transformation Vernagallo Style© are unique, as a result of technical staff artisian skills and Giovanni Vernagallo’s stylistic intuitions.

Brand model series:

Vehicle type:

Type of transformation:

Officially unveiled the new Nissan Evalia C by Vernagallo Stile©.

Stylist modifications:

The Vernagallo Style©, Nissan partner, has designed the new line of bodywork for the model of the Japanese manufacturer called Evalia.
Giovanni Vernagallo explains how he designed the new body: “When I saw for the first time the Evalia – he explained – I immediately recognized those qualities much sought after by drivers of Capri and the tourist resorts with similar needs: versatility, seven seats that can be managed in a very dynamic and a commanding driving position” (from “La Stampa Motori” – italian engine magazine)
Glamour, versatility, reliable, here is the new Nissan Evalia C signed by Vernagallo Style ©.
Available on all Nissan dealers.
Vernagallo Style, emotions over the top!

The style applied to the convertible Nissan Evalia has been developed according to the transport operators needs, mainly for the town of Capri, where the local administration is constraining the taxi drivers to use open cars for tourist purposes.
This design experience allows us to offer to anyone who requests it, a suitable vehicle for an original and exclusive transport of people .
The aesthetic is perfectly suited to the capabilities of the vehicle, which while offering 7 comfortable seats, maintains the sizes unchanged and guarantees an excellent mechanical reliability.

Structural interventions:

A special eye has been put on the passengers safety.
The flatbed has been reinforced with the addition of steel rods, placed under the lateral doors.
The windshield ring was also reinforced and connected to the roll bar via two central tubulars, so as to avoid any vibration of the the whole windshield ring.
A strong central roll-bar made of a “double tube” and covered with suitably curved sheet metal, starts from the floor leaning against the original uppercut. Thereby restoring the passengers safety.
We also added a connecting uppercut chromed bar which has the function of binding together the two uprights transversely. It is placed at half height thus contributing to safety in case of a lateral impact.
The tunk door (having eliminated the rear window glass) is limited only to the lower part and, with the addition of new hinges, its rotation takes place downwards (flap door).
To ensure further safety to this exclusive Evalia C, a “safety cell” was made on the rear compartment, formed by suitably bent and welded tubular.
The central and rear seat belts were also restored.


Depending on the customer choice, the Evalia C model provides two alternative solutions for the upper cover of the vehicle:
1 – Awning roof + lateral separable panels fixed to the body by “steel snap buttons.”
2 – Traditional Capote with manual movement (open / close). This solution forsees a variation of the initial project which implies a variation of the process time and costs calculated according to the specific customer demands.

Interior, upholstery, vimini, twisted willow:

New old fashioned upholstery enhances the style of this Vernagallo model.
The new color combinations of marine faux leather seats and panels, give to the Nissan Evalia C an elegant and attractive to the eye aspect.


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