The transformation Vernagallo Style© are unique, as a result of technical staff artisian skills and Giovanni Vernagallo’s stylistic intuitions.

Brand model series:

Vehicle type:

Type of transformation:

Stylist modifications:

The legend is back as a “4-doors coupe”!
The Piemontese high quality design school with the unique craftsmanship of the Vernagallo Style©, especially on this special version of the Citroen traction avant – 4 doors, a model that has contributed to the history of the world.To meet the style needs and, then, maintain the correct proportions of the entire back we had to intervene by creating a new “cross chest” which completes the body fit perfectly with the line of the trunk door. The transformation has retained the original luggage compartment’s capacity.

Structural interventions:

The entire body has been adequately reinforced, starting from the floor, thanks to a stell box structure that keeps the right stiffness of the frame floor. Behind the front seats we added a VERTICAL WALL, where at the top a
tubular steel connects the pillars.
We created a ” divisionary wall” between the front and the back compartment that
helps to tie and structur the floor and the uprights at the same time. Therefore we create security in case of a side impact.


The convertible top has a manual closing / opening. In order to maintain the proper positioning of the soft top when the passenger compartment is closed, we used respectively:
– On the cross windscreen, a “snap shot” or, on request, a frontal cross-hood with screw caps.
– On the center, above the door pillars, we provided left / right uprights furnitures prepared to fix the central arch roof.
– On the back, thanks to the use of a little bow, the convertible top will take the right shape for the posterior descent where it will be fixed with a snap button under the counter trunk.
Wheter the vehicle is opened, the capote will be wrapped on itslef and placed on its back part, and at the end the “DEA” proposes a capote – cover able to renew old emotions.

Interior, upholstery, vimini, twisted willow:

The hole interior is high quality. Upholstery, moquettes and details have been treated to maintain the level of uniqueness of the transformed vehicles. Client will be able to choose leather or navy leather fot seats. The result will be absolute excellence.


Private client – Car rental company

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