The transformation Vernagallo Style© are unique, as a result of technical staff artisian skills and Giovanni Vernagallo’s stylistic intuitions.

Brand model series:

Vehicle type:

Type of transformation:

Stylist modifications:

The style applied to the Grand Picasso C4 Cabriolet was developed on the basis of the needs of passenger specifically in the town of Capri, where the local authority is binding drivers to use open cars for touristic purpose.
This design experience allows us to offer to anyone who requests it, a suitable, original and exclusive vehicle for passengers.
The style is perfectly suited to the vehicle capabilities, which offers 7 comfortable seats, maintaining contained sizes and providing excellent mechanical reliability.

Structural interventions:

A particular eye was placed on passengers safety.
The platform has been reinforced with the addition of steel rods, placed in the lateral area.
The windshield ring was reinforced with tubular insert and properly curved (like Mannesmann), both inside the uprights windshield and on the front pavilion cross.
A central rugged roll-bar made of a tubular steel with appropriate curves, restores the safety of the passenger compartment.
We also added a chromed bar connecting the central pillar, that has the function of linking the two pillars transversely half-height placed (waistline door) and which contributes to safety in the event of a side impact.
The trunk door (having removed the window glass) is limited only to the bottom
and with the addition of new hinges, its own rotation takes place downwards (tip over).


The convertible top is manual. The movement is possible through linkages. Then it will be located on the boot behind the last rear seats.

Interior, upholstery, vimini, twisted willow:

New upholstery, handcrafted, enhance the style of the Vernagallo model.
The new colour combinations of seats coatings in faux leather and upholstery , give to the Grand Picasso C4 Cabriolet, a refined aspect which is pleasing to the eye


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